With brothers performance that. Should always wear with. A former drag Has provided us with. Our I would avoid Charger. Celebrate and we’re getting ready to put. They’ve gone through. All along for a ride 2015 Where suffer former school level. By adding horsepower cornbread and improve break. 50 sports I think a lot With this latest borrowing package. Aerodynamically hands with. Putting the front splitter and rear wing. The 20 inch wheels wrapped Griffey middle and steal 5. 50 engine reaches nearly 700 horsepower with a portrait supercharger. Think about it up with a stronger drive. Triad shipper upgraded break.

2015 Ford Mustang Steeda Q650

Their first budget. It also includes a scrub our brave. It’s the work of magic on the IRS well we had big expectations. 26 I just needed 28 years of experience shine through. Our yellow screamer was amazingly fast and easy to drive. The kiss of death ballots perfectly neutral feel that it has the power to get you off the corners in a hurry. Control under braking is just amazing. Our tester was fitted with optional Brembo brakes. But speed upgraded the pads for our track out. The Mustang sucked down to the track under hard braking and slowed with precision and control. This email needed prime aggressively and then you know and feel 5 powers main page awesome great. There was no drama during cornering people when I quit the rumble strips pretty hard. Fingers rumble strips would upset earlier Mustang.

2015 Ford Mustang interior

I arrest to soak some of the fifth one. I would nearly 700 horsepower acceleration is not a problem. The Q. 615 track ready machine with no compromise. It’s the perfect fit for enthusiasts who want to open a Mustang for open track drag racing or just out a hot daily drive to learn more about what’s available for your late model performance for the sure. More info of headlights for 2015 Ford Mustang Steeda Q650, read at http://delight-style.com/ford-mustang/headlights.html.

The Ford Focus is one of those great because that always seems to get overlooked in the small coclass their vehicles on the master 3 in Toyota corolla that people know and love but the Focus well it’s never had that sort of come through with buyers. Thing is though this could be the best small car in the class. As part of a facelift in 2015 the Focus got a new more aggressive look this model the sport priced from 26 full 90 plus on road costs. It’s a body kit and lowered suspension to. There’s whales are bit boring night. There have been changes inside the cabin as well with an updated dash board with new instruments and a revamped center console featuring the sink. To maybe a system.

2016 Ford Focus Sport Satellite navigation Bluetooth phone and audio streaming a reverse view camera with re parking sensors and climate control a standard across the entire Focus range over the previous model it feels a lot more up market in the cabin as well and this plenty of loose autumn storage cubbies for those old then ends that you need to take with you in the rear the room is a little, bit limited the Vega occupants particularly in terms of shoulder spice you should be able to fit for adults only board for a road trip without too many complaints. Installed on new generation vehicle Ford Focus bi xenon headlights, they automatic. They could be arguments about who’s bag gets left behind that because back there space is a little bit limited. Under the bonnet is a 1.5 liter ecoboost 4 cylinder turbo engine which has more punk than you might expect for an engine of its sides 132 kilowatts of power and 240 need made is a tool that’s more than most conventional hatchbacks in the performance of the engine almost makes it worthy of being labeled a warm. The strong pulling power from low in the Rev range and it is generally Walker fawn over it you’ll notice that when you come to a stop. And stop stop doesn’t activate it can be a little grumbling.

The old 6 speed dual clutch ordered power shift as cold cold it has been dumped in 5 out of the 6 speed towards convertible out that my old Sam like gibberish but what it claims. Is the drug experience is a lot. The transmission doesn’t start up and stops.traffic anymore and generally the ships are quick and smooth. As a sports mode that holds is longer and allows you to explore the engine range even further and even a silly little toggle switch on the ship docked in lieu of paddle shifters on the steering wheel. If you use for the updated Focus is claimed to be better than when it had the non turbo engine to at 6.2 latest per 0 case you will use more than that if you only do urban driving but the stop stop system works a treat. The Focus is one of the best performing hatchbacks in the segment in terms of dynamics and. Sport model has lowered suspension. A bigger alloy wheels on the base model trains to help uphold the road is even better is a swat cross the pie in terms of the ride which can be shop by the hot ages but generally Most One in my situation.

The Ford Focus is quick and accurate steering planes a squat involving and what fun to drive with here in town or out in the country but you will notice in suburbia. Steering is quite live when you trying to park which is a bonus. With more Hutch performance from the engine you’d hope that the sport mobile mine would be warranted entities. Ford has a decent ownership program provides 2 with lifetime cap price servicing and free loan because while yours is being maintained. But only the bare minimum 3 year 100000 Kmart. If you’re in the market for small guy and you haven’t considered a Ford Focus yet well we’d strongly consider you Sir is sought from.

Hyundai Elantra You would think I’d tell teh day estrellas good looking comedies and in today’s video will be looking at he and dis own you 2016 Gilad Jack. Let’s start with the. That he and I have put it back to basics with the 2000. In Atlanta and made available in 92 teams is active and a high spec elite. The most obvious improvement when he first laid eyes on this new lan shot isn’t sleeker and more refined design. The election now falls in line with the designs of young days other new motor vehicles with a strike except in a front wheels and seductive Kondylis live also added Martin dusk sensing headlights and daytime LED running lamps and Elantra hid headlights.

Edocs which not only look stylish but according to he and I increase fuel efficiency and decrease turbulent it also has front fog lamps which is standard across all models under the bonnet the new lan trace it to played a 4 cylinder petrol engine that produces 112 kilowatts of power and 192 union made as a tool I guess area I don’t find overly impressive is the fuel consumption. But if it’s a 7.2 latest 100 kilometers to the 6 speed automatic minutes up bad but it’s just. That’s right.

Despite it not impressing on fuel consumption the drive and handling of the new lan tribe is smooth and responsive Hans body style which actually improves the way the car on the road I can sum up everything in sight. The interior than you and try to spacious and comfortable new design is simplistic must still looking straight. One of the stand up pages is a 7 inch touch screen which works with the review camera and come standard on all models along with 3 parking assist. Now on face value this might look like the standard he and I entertainment system. This one actually supports apple complex which combined with that big 7 inch touch screen absent excellent beach is today’s bottom of the range land trust.

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to use cop like Alan surprising how responsivity once upon defining by lightning cable to the U. S. bait busily stages there only few apps. Appear to be compatible with apple CarPlay Anand music maps messages QuickTime audio books and a few extras like Pandora and Spotify. I’m sure this list will grow but for the time being barely covers all of the bases he wanted to enter into the back stating this like frantically faxing does come. For long trips.

And it has voting 6040 recently states that allow the extra bit space without being said there is not too much more with mentioning other than the price. This Atlanta active auto starts at just under 24000. For that price point it’s not feature packed but it’s stylish elegant spacious and comfortable and it definitely feels like a trendy vehicle in that price point is pitched. Thanks Watson cuts LTV estrellas good looking Harvey’s and don’t forget to join us on Facebook between us to let us know look how you’d like to see next.

Hey welcome to another episode of the I like Harmar them Chaffin in this video be doing apart agreed you on this. T. 20 amber LED lights. Now these are your replacement LED balls for your your turn signal. And I’ll be replacing. That’s when I hear this is your stock. Your turn signal bald. And these are the LED replacement series a closer look of the only people to solve. There are 4 LEDs on each side these are 3030 church so these are extremely bright. And there’s 3 sites so there’s 12 around and there’s 2 On the top that protects the light out. This right here is. Metal casing right here in the bottom right here. Plastic. I said this is the stock amber Trissino books. During the time non I’ll go ahead and remove the stock ones are replacing with best led light bulbs. Right so be careful. This will be super hot if it’s been on so use a towel.
Turn Signal LED Bulb
Now some particularly Bowman answer into a socket. Now do you inserted the ball into thesocket. And connect a wire harness and you go and try to turn on your turn signal it doesn’t work then all you have to do is take this out look bad. It back again. And then try. Okay incidences tell Ike Turner club by slogging in place now you can see I have resistors here. Because when you change what you turn signal to LED. You have to have resistors if you don’t you’ll get the hyper flashing alright so does the stock because involved in there. And this right here is the amber LED okay so here is the same. Amber LED on a different vehicle the story here is a 2012 on the fed with the JDM tow lights. And. The passenger side right there is the stock college implode. And. The driver side right there.

Is The new amber LED. Well. Well. And. The so here’s the stock. So here you go this is what happens if you do not have resistors installed which are tossing off that high professions like that’s. Alright guys so this right here is the stock. Turn singable by night time. And I’m gonna switch the. Charter side 2 LEDs to shoot at the fence and swap both LEDs. Passenger side right now is regular stop bowl. Driver side is the new LED. And up until the driver side is brighter alright so both sides are lady and. They all match all sync upthe side. The Bach turn signal.

Syncs up with. The side. Near. Right and also the front. Turn singles as well. Now I do have resistors installed so that’s why I think anything that I can please depart agree view of this amber LED both. How how department in the discussion below so go check it out. Also don’t forget to follow me on social media on Facebook Instagram where the giveaways and as always thanks for watching please like share and subscribe former videos thank you. But this is what happens if you have with the services gotta have professed like this.

Ford fiesta scuttled mean an aggressive looking. For playing the point setting the world order. Not at all convinced that a seafood many should copy the look of a simple call and consider this. Many cheap mobile as these days copy the design of the only fight and no complains about lax.

Ford Fiesta hatchback 2013The poll from apple. Inside changes to the fears that a less dramatic but they do help Pete the coffee bean fresh. For instance there’s nice and shiny black trim which extends down for the center console to the gaily for all the door handles been redesigned. The Ford fiesta comes with and you take which is available on the call for the first time friends as you can get it with the Sony stereo and that includes developing digital writer and forts sing system I’m not that scene controlled what’s the cost which is using voice commands and can make calls. By using your voice simply press this button then site. Cole Rebecca Jackson. Cooling Rebecca Jackson. They they. A the. The the. Washes clean up the.

The public. Any like Ford sync also includes. Facility that lets you stream music from your mobile phone dive right into the cost stereotype alternatively. You can. Connected to. By the normal. US based system and you also get something on this call court Mikey now that’s not an abbreviation tonight Michael it sounds full multi. Okay and it’s a programmable K.. Was that C. set various parameters on the conferences you can set a maximum top speed the call is able to go out now that’s perfect fuel parent and you let your call deal teenage son or daughter in fact if it was available on because when I was a kid only probably wouldn’t of written off. The biggest news about the fiesta however is the addition of force excellent one liter 3 cylinder E. cabbage patch legit. He can do almost 6. 6 miles per gallon and its emissions SI live You know I think in that such an economical petrol engine will be really slow. But thanks to a turbo charger still only a unit is actually fairly quick him get a 2 states of tune the hot hot model Chrissy do no 60 it under 10 seconds but even the low power version.

In fact this engine is so good that I think it should be against the law to buy a Ford fiesta without the Toby’s danger because what they it it is the most for normalcy committee you can buy . The good news is that is what is it when handling and shop staring that it’ll fester suspension deals with them so well the bride is a key factor in not so many bigger because actually with same briefing and compensates and they say the mini is not short of dried on long legs like Janice. The fiesta is really good in turn saved but that it expects to be being a Superman I got good all right visibility the controls and nice and lights and small dimensions means it’s easy to navigate through tropical squeezing his taut poking spices. Many Pfister’s perfect right. Quite. Save for the course plenty of adjustment in the driving position another right useful storage spaces. Suddenly. Security. It’s a good further back. It starts as the sliding brief law means.

Adrian is a little bit tight inside tape is in the room an overall it does feel like a bit of a squeeze back here and I know this is the 3 door version but the 5 door it’s not much better when Carrie adults in the back you see who many regulate you can be better off with a twice A. yarris. Then there’s the Braves which is among the smallest. Class. Unless. Big load let. States that don’t fold flat mean the fiesta is not as useful as a whole . The jazz. Finally there’s the build quality. Scott much the Volkswagen polo whose. But you know what didn’t pay for those of the Superman is . Because both on my from the fortress through certain areas the way this thing drives me overall. The best small call you could buy.

FalkenAt the European tire market there are two new commercial product of company Falken – SI011 and SI021.
Firstly new truck tires were introduced at the show Reifen 2016 in Essen. The main difference from previous models is increased service life while maintaining a high level of safety. So tires Falken SI011 and Falken SI021 for steer and drive axle, respectively, have increased width of the tread to extend the life and improve the adhesion.
Both models are suitable for use in winter and have marked M + S (the mountain with three peaks and snowflake). Anew developed compound improves traction during accelerating in all weather and road conditions, and 4D Nano technology makes rubber mixture more wear-resistant.

At the heart of the tread pattern of winter tires Falken SI011 is a modular design, mutually closed grooves and sipes. The first one will improve traction on ice and snow, and the second ones will increase the efficiency of acceleration and deceleration.