FalkenAt the European tire market there are two new commercial product of company Falken – SI011 and SI021.
Firstly new truck tires were introduced at the show Reifen 2016 in Essen. The main difference from previous models is increased service life while maintaining a high level of safety. So tires Falken SI011 and Falken SI021 for steer and drive axle, respectively, have increased width of the tread to extend the life and improve the adhesion.
Both models are suitable for use in winter and have marked M + S (the mountain with three peaks and snowflake). Anew developed compound improves traction during accelerating in all weather and road conditions, and 4D Nano technology makes rubber mixture more wear-resistant.

At the heart of the tread pattern of winter tires Falken SI011 is a modular design, mutually closed grooves and sipes. The first one will improve traction on ice and snow, and the second ones will increase the efficiency of acceleration and deceleration.